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Rates & Terms

2019 ~ $9,125 per person

What to Bring

Clothes & a good Rain Jacket

Pre-Trip Info

some details

Hotels & Restaurants

if overnighting in Anchorage


Invoice Payment
Other Amount:

2019 Rate Information:


“Owner’s Suite” $10,000*

plus 9% Aleknagik City sales tax and fuel surcharge of $300

Per Person / Per Week ~ Friday to Friday, From Dillingham, Alaska.

Our trip packages are all inclusive and start from Dillingham, Alaska. Complete pre-trip information about our trips, including tackle and packing suggestions, will be sent to you upon booking. This information is also available for immediate download.

Cancellation Policy
A fifty percent (50%) deposit is required to secure your trip dates, with the balance due ninety (90) days prior to the trip date. Deposits are due within thirty days of invoice date to confirm reservations. If it is necessary for you to cancel, we will try to arrange substitute dates. If trip cancellations are received prior to the final payment date, but substitute dates are not possible, deposits will be returned less a fee of $500.00 per trip. Trip cancellations after the final payment due date, in which vacancy cannot be filled, will be charged a cancellation fee of up to one hundred percent (100%) of package price.

* The “Owner’s Suite” has a large sitting area with commanding views of the lake, two bedrooms each with a private bath. Price is per person, based on double occupancy.


Gear List:

We want you to enjoy your trip and be as comfortable as possible. We recommend that you bring the following items with you for your stay. Since we use small aircraft and boats for travel, water resistant soft sided duffel bags are the best way to pack for your trip.

Remember, the lodge furnishes you waders, both Gore-tex & Neoprene. If we know your size ahead of time (please fill out the guest questionnaire), we will have it waiting for you in your locker (pictured above). We also supply all the rods, reels, flies & lures – this is ALL part of your package.

For the complete Mission Lodge ‘Trip Planner’ download this Adobe Acrobat Reader File.

At the Lodge:
– Casual clothing
– Long sleeved shirts
– Jeans
– Warm socks
– Tennis or walking shoes
– Light weight (wind resistant) jacket
– Swimming suit for hot tub or sauna
– Shaving kit
– Toiletries
– Medication (bring all medication in carry on)

For Fishing:
– Fishing vest (optional
– Fleece tops and bottoms
– Capilene/polypropelene long underwear
– Warm socks
– Favorite fishing hat
– Polarized sunglasses
– Insect repellent
– Sun block
– Rain coat (high quality)
– Gore-tex chest waders [optional]** NOTE: No felt soles. As of January 1, 2012, they will be illegal in Alaska.
– Camera (and batteries)
– Water-resistent day pack-[optional… the lodge provides a ‘Dry Bag’]


Most all of guests prefer the Gore-tex waders. They act as rain pants while in the boats and are by far the most comfortable waders. Plus they breath, keeping you from getting ‘clammy’. We recommend a pair of fleece pants under your waders and on the cold days adding a pair of polypropelene/capilene long underwear. You should also bring a heavy pair of socks made of wool or polypropelene/capilene material. In Alaska, the saying goes, “cotton kills” (great for warm weather environments).

Gift Shop:

The lodge operates a gift shop with a variety of Patagonia rain jackets, long underwear and fleece tops and bottoms. We also have a line of Mission Lodge clothing to wear at the lodge or to take home for souvenirs. If it is hard to find some of these items where you live, call us and we can let you know if we have them available at the lodge for your purchase upon arrival.


Be sure to download our “TRIP PLANNER”

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (free download that most computers come with) in order to view or pre-trip information. For a quick pre-view of what to bring you can visit this page. WHAT TO BRING.

PLEASE REMEMBER that we supply all fishing tackle and waders! We include guidelines for those anglers wanting to bring their own gear, but the vast majority of our return guests do not bother to lug their gear up here.

We also want to remind the traveling angler, that using our wading boots will help prevent the spread of Whirling Disease that is NOT found up here (yet).


We have a small Gift Shop at the lodge for those hard to find items and “I forgot” items. In past years it has been brought to our attention by guests that they have a hard time finding good quality rain gear and under garment wear in their home towns. Because of the huge demand we now carry a limited line of quality outer and under wear including rain gear, fleece, capilene, etc.


You will want to be prepared for the extra expense of a fishing license that can be purchased at the lodge. Please bring cash. 7 day non- resident fishing license $70 / 7 day non–resident King Salmon tag $45 (only if fishing June/July)The only other expenses you will incur would be any items of a personal nature such as: Gratuities, gift shop items, or massage. Credit cards and personal checks are accepted for the gift shop and massage.Our guests often ask us for guidelines on gratuities. Gratuities are of very personal nature and dependent on your level of satisfaction. To give you a guideline, the average is 15-20% of your trip package cost – per person/per week. The gratuities are shared equally amongst the entire staff. Please feel free to refer to on site management for further questions.Thank you for taking time to fill this out and help us to ensure that you have the best quality trip possible. Please feel free to call us with any and all questions you may have concerning your trip.We look forward to seeing you at the lodge very soon. Have a safe journey!

The Mission Lodge Staff


Anchorage Hotels

The following hotels have restaurants (starting with the finest):

Captain Cook Hotel, 939 West Fifth Avenue, Anchorage, AK 99501
Phone: 1-800-843-1950
Location :: Downtown

Sheraton Anchorage
401 East 6th Avenue, Anchorage, AK 99501
(907) 276-8700
Location :: Downtown

Hilton Hotel, 500 West Third Avenue, Anchoarge, AK 99501
Phone: 1-907-272-7411 Fax: 1-907-265-7044
Location :: Downtown


Millennium Alaskan Hotel, 4800 Spenard Road, Anchorage, AK 99517-3236
Phone: 1-907-243-2300 Fax: 1-907-243-8815
Location :: Near Airport

Coast International, 3333 West Int’l Airport Road, Anchorage, AK 99502
Phone: 1-907-243-2233 Fax: 1-907-248-3796
Location :: Near Airport

Puffin Inn*, 4400 Spenard Road, Anchoarge, AK 99517
Phone: 1-907-243-4044 Fax: 1-907-248-6853
Location :: Near Airport 
*no restaurant

Anchorage Restaurants

Kincaid Grill : 6:45 PM
6700 Jewel Lake Rd, Anchorage, AK 99502
(907) 243-0507
Location :: Near Airport

Simon & Seaforts : 7:45 pm
420 L St, Anchorage, AK 99501
(907) 274-3502
Location :: Downtown

Club Paris
417 W 5th Ave, Anchorage, AK 99501
(907) 277-6332
Location :: Downtown

Directions From Home:

To reach our lodge is pretty straight forward. Fly from your nearest airport to Anchorage, Alaska. Then fly from Anchorage to Dillingham, approximately one hour. In Dillingham you will be greeted by our staff who will transport you and your luggage to Lake Aleknagik by own staff and private shuttle vans. Transfer to boat and enjoy a scenic and rather quick ride across the lake to the lodge. The staff will whisk your gear to your room, while you shake hands with the hosts and then pick up your fishing license and sample the yummy appetizers.

Because of flight schedules for various points in the lower forty-eight, it may be necessary to overnight in Anchorage either on the way in, way out or both.



Our weather is ever changing and very unpredictable. It is NOT worth looking at the ten day forecast and getting all worked up over. The old saying around here is, “if you don’t like the weather, just wait ten minutes and it will change”. We use a variety of tools to help us look at weather when making our flight plans including AWOS [automated weather observation systems], FAA flight services, pilot reports, lodge and camp report and the internet. We are happy to share some of the internet links here.





Nushagak Cooperative LTD

This is a web cam that is provided by NushTel, the local telephone/electric coop and updated every 15 minutes. The camera sits just up the hill from the public boat ramp on the South shore of the lake, looking due North.

Our lodge is located off to the right in Mission Bay just out of view.


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F.A.Q.'s - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where does the trip start?

A: Dillingham, AK. The lodge provides van transportation from the
Dillingham (DLG) airport. Approximately 20 minutes from Dillingham to
Lake Aleknagik by van And then approximately 10 minutes in a covered boat to Mission Creek Lodge.

Q: What is included in the package price?

A: Transport from Dillingham as described above, all meals, beverages accommodations. Fully guided daily adventures (including float plane transportation), all necessary gear and equipment (including fishing gear , waders and wading boots), filleting, packaging, freezing of Salmon species.

Q: What is not included:

A: R/t air transportation to Dillingham, AK, gratuities (suggested 15-20% of package price) , Alaska Fishing License ($70 for 7 day , $45 for 3 day) , Alaska King Tag ($45 for 7 day, $30 for 3 day – only necessary during King Salmon season ends July 31) , items of a personal nature such as massage, gift shop and smoked fish.

Q: What airlines service Dillingham (DLG):

A: Alaska Airlines (, Ravn Alaska (, Katmai Air (

Q: How much fish and what kind can I take home?

A: We ask that each client not take more than one 50 lb. box of SALMON ONLY
WE PRACTICE A STRICT CATCH AND RELEASE POLICY ON ALL RESIDENT SPECIES (Rainbow Trout, Dolly Varden, Arctic Char, Grayling, Pike and Lake Trout).

Q: When does the day start and end?

A: A typical day starts at 7:00 am with breakfast (coffee is available at 5:30 am) with planes leaving between 7:30-8:30 am and returning between 5:00 –6:00 pm. Depending on the group size and scheduling for the day you are welcome to request a later start. Dinner is generally at 7:00 pm .

Q: What does a typical day look like?

A: 7:00 am full sit down breakfast
7:30-8:30 am depart for a full day of guided activities
5:00-6:00 pm return to lodge
6:00-7:00 pm appetizers are served and activities are scheduled for the next day
7:00 pm Alaska gourmet dinner is served
After dinner guides sit down with guests and talk about the next days activity

Q: Can I change my mind about what I want to do when I get there?

A: Absolutely, no plans are made before a guest arrives. Each night the head guide will talk to each guest about his/her desires for the next day and then prepare a plan for the following day. The plans will be posted on a guest board each evening.

Q: How old should a child be before bringing him/her to Mission Lodge?

A: Every child is different. Days are full and depending on the child and how engaged he/she is in the outdoors will determine the proper age – remember there are no price reductions for children. Our aircraft hold 6 passengers – no matter what the age.

Q: What kind of aircraft does the lodge use and what is the safety record?

A: The lodge operates three (3) De Havilland Beavers on floats. Our safety record is without injury incident in over three decades of operation.

Q: How far do you travel to daily destinations?

A: We have so many destinations it is hard to answer this question. Your destination travel time will be anywhere for 10 minutes to 1 and a half hours. Much of this depends on winds and weather. In a normal week you will generally only travel on average 20-40 minutes a day by plane (EACH WAY). Some of our destinations are close and only a 10-40 minute boat ride from the lodge.

Q: What about weather if we can’t fly?

A: We have several opportunities within easy boat access from the lodge.
On average in a season we only have approximately three (3) days in which the planes cannot fly at all. We never compromise customer safety EVER. If it is not safe we DO NOT fly.

Q: How will we travel once we reach our destination?

A: Mission Lodge has over 40 boats stashed throughout the Bristol Bay region. Many of the destinations you will fly in and meet your guide who will be waiting for you with a boat. Other destinations you will fly with your guide and will have a boat at your destination. Some destinations will be accessible only by foot, others will have a kayak waiting for you or you will bring a raft with you. All of this will be pre-planned the evening before and will be fully orchestrated by your professional guide.

Q: How bad are the bugs?

A: It depends on the month and the season – wet seasons are worse than dry seasons. Normally unless you are hiking in the tundra the bugs are not bad at all. They can be pesky at times in the evenings on the decks if the wind is still. A good bug repellent with deet is highly recommended. Mosquito netting is normally not needed but if you plan on doing a lot of hiking it may be a good idea. The lodge has bug repellent but you are always encouraged to bring your own.

Q: What is the best time to come?

A: Mission Lodge is only open during the prime fishing months and the prime weather months. Any time from June-September is excellent it just depends on your activity desires. If you are specifically seeking a certain species of fish or a particular animal then sometimes are better than others. Please refer to the fish and animal viewing chart.

Q: Can you accommodate special diets?

A: Yes, within reason. Because of our extremely remote location certain items may be hard to come by – please make sure to fill out the questionnaire and return ASAP to forewarn our chef of your special needs. If we cannot accommodate your needs, we will advise you in advance.

Q: How many people can the lodge accommodate?

A: 24 guests is our maximum most weeks host no more than 20 guests.

Q: Do all rooms have a private bath?

A: No , we have 20 guest rooms and can accommodate 20 guests each with a private guest room. However, three rooms have completely private baths, another four rooms share a bath in between each two, and thirteen rooms upstairs share three very large bathrooms complete with showers, stalls and vanities. We have found the majority of our male clients do not mind sharing a bathroom but enjoy having a private bedroom.

Q: Do we have to pay extra for a private bath?

A No (unless it is the ‘owners suite’) private bathrooms are given to couples first and then to returning clients. If you would prefer a private bath please make sure to make a note upon booking. Requests will be handled on a first come, first served basis given the above priorities.

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