Ceviche Assembly: fresh ingrediants, assembled in the right order is the key to GREAT ceviche! Instead of ‘prepping’ all these indigents in advance, prep them as you go. Remember, the fish is ‘cooked’ in the lime juice, so if you prep as you go, the Ceviche will be ready to eat by the time you finish making it. Good Ceviche usually takes up to an hour, and it is more than worth the effort! If you decide to pre-prep all the indigents for your Ceviche and ‘dump’ it all together, it will not be prime for at least another hour AND the flavors will not have the chance to properly meld. Melding is a very important process in any delicate seafood dish.

Ingredients: Prep

– 15 ripe Limes — Squeezed; to make approximately 2 cups of juice).
– 2 cloves of Shallots — Minced (sub. 1/4 cup red onion — minced fine)
– 2 Tp of course black pepper
– 2 Tp of Sea Salt (or Kosher Salt)
– 1 1/2 pounds of Halibut (any quality white fish, such as Snook, Cobia or Grouper)
– 1 Red Bell Pepper — chopped, 1/4″
– 1 Orange or Yellow Bell Pepper — chopped, 1/4″
– 2 ripe Mangos — de-seeded and chopped, 1/4″
– 1 large bunch of Cilantro — chopped
– 1/2 Cup Orange Juice (optional… if your imported limes are too ‘green’ and it is too tart).


– Juice your limes and transfer half of the juice to a bowl
– add the salt and pepper
– add the shallots and mix until the salt is desolved
– add your fish and gently fold
– add more lime juice to float
– add both chopped peppers and gently fold
– add the mangos
– add the cilantro
– TASTE with a warm white flour chip… add some of the orange juice if too tart.

Serve to guests with plenty of fresh and warm white flour chips and stand back.

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